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“Imperfection attracts and flaws bring out character, when put together gracefully; it creates a glamorous design”.

A life-long love affair that has been enriched with every work of art has now birthed Vivianne Faye Home. Through the decades, every project that has been sowed into has carried rich experiences and achieved the unimaginable. Providing interior design solutions to people from various walks of life who desire to build a solace.

Vivianne Faye’s signature design is rich in character, vibrant, sophisticated, and always adorned in glamour. Each work of design depicts beauty with a story to tell.

Skill, guidance, advice, tips, honest inspiration, and an infuse of passion now presented to you. At your fingertips, be it to build your own story or curate your work of art and design, Vivianne Faye Home walks you through meticulously. Gain access into a refined pick list of a selection of items that weave well into your homes.

A legacy dedicated to bringing glamour into your homes, whether for an everyday intimate setting or those festive seasons to celebrate with your special ones. Together with Vivianne Faye Home, let your designing journey flourish into a masterpiece of art that is functional, timeless, and exceptional.

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